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Regulations Farmhouse

Dear guest,

Thank you so much for your stay. We friendly welcome you and at the same time we wish to inform you about our rules here. So please read carefully the regulation and behavior rules which every guest shall accept in order to avoid any trouble or damage to other people or to the setting. This building is above all the residence of lots of guests who have decided to stay here so please respect our house and take care of it like you would do in your own dwelling. For a good cohabitation we are therefore asking you to respect not only the rules dictated by the law but more simply those of common sense.
This regulation is integral part of the Booking Form and for anything else which is not clearly stated in that, we refer to the laws in force and to your common sense as above.


Our guests are asked to give their own documents at arrival for checking in  it is not allowed for Public Safety reasons to let other people enter your room/apartment at any time if not previously authorized by the management upon document; you can take up your room from 2 pm at arrival and shall leave it within 11 am on departure day. If you need a late check-out, you may previously agree upon at reception only if the room is available and with a supplement to be paid.
Every room has just one free parking space at disposal.

Children & Minors

Parents (or the ones with parental responsibility) are responsible for any action made by their minor children inside the farmhouse Merigge and are due to monitor them, not to leave them alone in their room/apartment or in the several spaces of and around the house and also to make sure of their good behavior for the tranquility of other people: we mainly point out to the respect of silence, the use of bathrooms/toilets and of any equipment at disposal in our building. Adults are responsible for the behavior of their entrusted minors – minor children who stay here without their parents or any other adult person, shall present a copy of their parents’ documents with a relevant authorization on free form.


The rooms are cleaned every day between 11 am and 1 pm   if left free from the guest, otherwise it will be done the day after – it is forbidden to use burners, chafing dishes, irons etc.  or any other electrical appliance inside the room - please do not use chairs, the arbor or heaters to dry your clothes or towels but do use the clothes drier which is on the back of your room.

Dogs And Small Animals/Pets

Small animals/pets are welcome but with limited access to some signaled areas. Every pet owner shall clean where their pets dirty and are responsible for possible damages.

Breakfast And Sanitary & Food Safety

Breakfast will be served directly in your room or in your private external  space  and you may choose the products you like sending your order the evening before within 9 pm using the app which you can download  with the QR code given at reception.

Guests are not allowed to take out of Merigge any food or beverage which is meant for breakfast only as a sanitary rule, guests cannot introduce foods or beverages which are not authorized by the management of Merigge and used up inside or outside their rooms.

Damages & Misappropriations

Those people who may cause damage to the building, furniture, equipment etc. are legally responsible according to the laws in force – intentional  thefts and damages will be immediately reported;  at departure our staff  will be checking the rooms for possible damages or loss of the keys and the costs will be charged and shall be paid at check-out. It is forbidden to take out from the farmhouse anything belonging to the rooms, bathrooms or any other space of Merigge every object will be charged upon the guest in that case.

Swimming Pool

Guests shall use the external shower before entering the pool and respect the times of access from 9 am to 8 pm; please do not get back to your room if still wet and do not forget to keep a suitable clothing for every other people’s decency night baths, dives and ball playing are forbidden.

Noises & Rest

At any time, in and around the building,  please avoid any activity, game and use of devices or behavior which may disturb other people, especially between 11 pm – 8 am  and 2  – 4 pm  during rest/sleeping time; please do not shut the doors and if you get home late, please close with tact and do not keep your Tv at high volume: very little rules for those who already rest.

Safe & Valuables

Every room is equipped with a safe and you can get the code from reception; the management is not responsible for the deficit of the guests’ objects and/or valuables.

Doctor And Infectious Diseases

You can ask reception for the phone numbers of the emergency medical care and immediate response every infectious disease must be communicated to the management; a first aid box is at disposal and you may ask reception.

Changes To The Regulation

As managers of Merigge we reserve the right to change this regulation due to opportunity reasons and service operation by posting any change at reception  and on our website; the non-observance of this regulation with its rules may lead, as a consequence, to the dissolution of the contract with relevant economic and legal effects, except for the warning to the Public Authority whereas the non-observance may possibly presume a violation.

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